firm UK US /fɜːm/ noun [C]
WORKPLACE a company or business: »

The firm's share price has been rising steadily.


The firm remains heavily dependent on North America, its biggest market.

big/medium-sized/small firm »

Small and medium-sized firms accounted for 69.8% of the UK business population.

leading/major/top firm »

He hired a top firm of architects and re-mortgaged the family home to finance the project.

accounting/law/manufacturing, etc. firm »

Local manufacturing firms are under heavy competitive pressure, often from off-shore production.

set up/start (up)/establish a firm »

Her grandfather had set up the firm soon after the war.

run/manage a firm »

The firm was run from an office in Bolton.


She joined the family firm soon after leaving school.

See Note COMPANY(Cf. company)
See also CONSULTING(Cf. ↑consulting), SEARCH FIRM(Cf. ↑search firm)
firm UK US /fɜːm/ adjective
agreed or decided and not likely to change: firm date/deadline »

I was given a firm deadline of April 30.

firm bid/commitment »

The group said it has a firm commitment to sell two radio stations in Chicago to minority partners.

firm order/offer »

They already have firm orders for much of the new stock.

firm decision »

We haven't made a firm decision as yet.

FINANCE used to describe a price or level that is high and is likely to rise or stay high: »

Home prices are edging higher as builders pay record prices for lumber, and tight supplies should keep prices firm next year.

See also STEADY(Cf. ↑steady)
hold firm — Cf. hold firm
firmness noun [U]

the firmness of the bond market

firm UK US /fɜːm/ verb [I]
FINANCE to remain at the same level, amount, etc. or to rise slightly: »

In industries such as paper, chemicals, and steel, prices have firmed.

firm to sth »

Copper firmed 1.8 cents to 142.1 cents a pound.

firm against sth »

The dollar, meanwhile, firmed against the euro in the wake of the interest rate rise.


Bank shares firmed on expectations that the Reserve Bank would leave interest rates untouched.

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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